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W E L C O M E 



SHE - /SHē/ (noun): a female; a woman.

EMERGE - /əˈmərj/ (verb): move out of or away from something and come into view - apparently becoming known, important and prominent.

Therefore, SHEmerge -/SHəˈmərj/ (verb): The experience of a woman moving out and away from anything or anyone (inclusive of herself) and BECOMING known, important and prominent to

herself FIRST and then reflecting and projecting that in her everyday experience.

Through various modes, means and methods, SHEmerge is an engaging, safe space for ALL WOMEN to not just heal but to become WHOLE! In ministry and in the marketplace, we endeavor to be a place of support and resource for the WHOLE WOMAN. Body, Mind and Spirit. 

We invite you to merge with us on this incredible journey of life, love, laughter and learning by clicking below!

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Beulah Davis was born in St. Louis, MO and raised in Windsor, CT by her loving parents, Casher and Dorothy Holt. Beulah desired to know God and be His daughter in the earth at the early age of seven, and has been living for Him ever since. She has served as a Teacher of God’s Word since her teenage years under the leadership of Archbishop LeRoy Bailey, Jr. and First Lady Reathie Bailey of The First Cathedral in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


The Journey of WOMAN

“God created a unified being called Man; then He gave Man

the experience of being separate and distinct just as He is.”

Being a woman is a beautiful thing... Or so we used to think. Somewhere in life, we have walked away from the beauty of being a woman. In Journey of WOMAN, Elder Beulah Davis candidly walks every woman from places of defeat, rejection, abandonment, disappointment and loneliness to redirection and reconciliation with her creator, God. Davis guides you through the Creation story from the Book of Genesis while delicately intertwining personal narratives, pains and vulnerabilities that brings the text to life.

Who is WOMAN? What is a wife? How do I connect as a mother to my son… or my daughter? How do I serve my friends? How do I love myself or process my pain? What lured me away from the truth I once knew about myself? How should I submit to him? How should I love her? We invite men and women inside this book to rid yourselves of the social norms that have reshaped your thinking surrounding the role and purpose of a woman. Elder Davis unapologetically walks readers through the pages of sacred scripture while encouraging you to take an inward assessment and consider your answers to these questions and more. As you enter and embrace The Journey of WOMAN, may it help you recognize, comprehend and face the challenges and charge from Creation to Reconciliation.

Journey of Woman


 “This book will encourage how God viewed women from the beginning and how we can literally find our purpose in Him... challenge our thoughts to delve deeper in scripture for our identity, purpose, and
value, which can be revealed to us through Christ...
and keeps your curiosity raised concerning what you have been trained to believe versus what God has purposed for you from the beginning.”

~ Apostle Lysondra J. Hardy, D.Div, Th.D


“This book is not only for women but for men as well. This will help
get you in proper alignment when it comes to relationships among
men and women. To know the Journey of a Woman, one must embrace what God created from the beginning. As a man, this book also revealed there is a shared responsibility that we must undertake.
I recommend this book [to] learn how to operate the way God
intended us to function.”

~ Elder Melvin T. McLean Jr., D.Min.


“There is a rite of passage that women go through in terms of gaining wisdom that falls under humility, seclusion, and prayer...
this book really captures would validate that transition  period.”

~ J.D. Ashmore, Houston TX






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